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Preparation for the Future

Technology alters the future daily. As our vision of the future changes, so do the skills and knowledge that we need to be successful. A.I.R Labs builds a creative economy that blends the arts and design with tech and culture to shape stronger communities.


Technology's Future

Technology isn't going anywhere. We should embrace it. We should start teaching our youth STEAM education and help them cultivate a love for learning and creating. A.I.R. Labs prides itself in working with organizations in the community to bring technology education to our youth. Early exposure on how to create technology instead of just consuming it will set our youth on the right path. A.I.R. Labs is the company to help lay that foundation.



The areas of STEAM that A.I.R. Labs has focused on in the last few years has been coding (intro to Web Development - HTML & CSS), design (vector illustration and photo manipulation), music production, and 3D modeling. These areas of concentration are among the fastest growing career fields in the technology industry.

Web Development

Whether you're a freelance artist, a boutique owner, just released a new app, or a fortune 500 company, you need a website. Websites are the center of how we get information, how we soak in entertainment, and how we tell the world what we're up to and into. The internet is here to stay. A.I.R. Labs will teach you how to create your own digital masterpieces for the information age to showcase to family and friends.


There's a reason why we pick up certain books, packaged foods, wine botles, and more. Graphic Design is the reason why we are so compelled towards certain graphical elements. All of this is created by everyday people who use their imaginition to create. We all know how to consume, but what if you could design and put your creativity to work? A.I.R. Labs teaches design from industry experts and uses applications that are currently used in the industry as well.

Music Production

We all listen to music. For some of us, it can set a mood. Certain songs are a soundtrack for particular moments of our life. What if making your own music became a possibilty? A.I.R. Labs teaches how to create your own tracks that will inspire you in unimaginable ways.

3D Modeling

Almost everything originates from a design. These ideas were sketch on paper, and then brought into a 3D modeling program so that eventually a machine could build a final product or a character can be bought to life with animation. 3D modeling (and 3D printing) is no longer a dream of the future or for veteran professionals. People like you now have the opportunity to create.

Private Tutoring

(will offer more subjects)

Do you have a creative child who might be interested in Graphic Design? Stoke the fire in their imagination with private lessons from A.I.R. Labs - a technology education business dedicated to teaching youth to become creators in the S.T.E.A.M. fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math). They'll learn various Graphic Design skills in vector illustration. Sign up to schedule a tutoring session.

A.I.R. Labs

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